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Franz Kafka's eyes
A vivid experience through
A vivid experience through Franz Kafka's eyes
Where to find us?
Where to find us?
Do you want to touch something that you know exists, but you cannot formulate it for yourself yet? A visit to the exhibition will give you special insight into a strong metaphysical experience.
From the exposition you will feel that our world is chaotic, unknowable, and the whole exhibition just paraphrased it.
Kafka's omnipresent distinctive vision will take you into the world where there is no place for questions, and no waiting for answers.
People today lack the spiritual dimension of perceiving reality. In Prague it is difficult to find a place to look beyond the horizon of everyday understanding.

Therefore, there is an exhibition in Franz Kafka Square, which allows you to look around between the lines of our world.
Do not search for the typically academic logic in the exhibition
Relax, do not ask questions and do not expect answers. You are not in math class. Let yourself take a moment of being exposed to impressions. Everything is different!

Descending the spiral staircase, you will find yourself in a different world. You will understand nothing here with your rational mind. Empathy is the main measure of values here.
& paradox
Architectural part
First part of the exposition
Two original Romanesque houses were accidentally demolished in 1905 within the framework of the city center revitalization, but only between 1926 and 1928 a new modern five-story building in the constructivist style was built over these house fragments . The original Romanesque buildings were resolutely surrounded by a massive concrete sarcophagus of the technical basement.

A bizarre state had arisen, where two distinct building styles, dating back 800 years, were blended in at one point and time. Romanesque and Functionalist.
– Landscape of incidents
Second part of the exposition
Fifty-four monitors stream moving pictures, sounds, rumble, noises and music in a fast kaleidoscope. Do not expect stories with a dramatic curve, and do not worry if you miss the start. Event projection has no beginning nor an ending. It works just like an interstellar space where you cannot come to a meeting early or late, but always and only at the right time!
Paintings gallery
Third part of the exposition
Exposure to the exposition enhances images that symbolically and very expressively capture patterns of common human behavior.
Where to find us?
Franz Kafka Square 1
Prague 1
110 00 Czech Republic
Opening hours
Mon – Sun: 11:00-19:00
Price list
Special price for the opening of the exhibition 250 CZK.
Adult 400 CZK
Student / Senior 200 CZK
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Nádražní 344/23
Prague 5
150 00 Czech Republic

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