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World of Franz Kafka
Visit the exhibition and expand your consciousness.
Wake up from the illusion of the commonplace.
Wake up from the illusion of the commonplace.
Visit the exhibition and expand your consciousness.
Or you can keep sleeping.
Where can you find us?
Where you find us?
This exhibition is not a museum, biography or archive of the work of a particular writer – Franz Kafka. The scope of this exhibition goes far beyond Kafka.
The fibres of immeasurable forces have been manipulating our lives from conception. Franz Kafka was the most famous author to point out these forces between the lines of his texts. And it is precisely these forces that the exhibition paraphrases following Franz Kafka’s example.

It is divided into three parts. Reveal paradoxes in architecture, absurd paintings and projections of bizarre events that truly happened in Prague.
Franz Kafka was the most renowned Czech author full of paradoxes and contrasts.
Franz Kafka set his stories in the world we know, though absolutely illogical elements appear in this world from out of the blue.

This method of writing allowed him to show people the otherwise inexplicable phenomena of their mind, society and universe. And this is precisely the point where the exhibition builds on the work of Franz Kafka.
The author of the exhibition, Miroslav Joudal, worked as a police photographer. During that time he encountered many paradoxical situations.
Miroslav loved the work of Franz Kafka and admired the fact that Franz also referred to these forces between the lines of his texts. Miroslav decided to reveal these forces to people who are willing to open their eyes and see.

After 20 years putting together this exhibition, he truly managed to make his dream a reality, reaching complete fulfilment, shortly after which he departed from our world.

Today he is interred in the very heart of his life’s work, of which he became a permanent part.
Romanesque buildings buried in the cellars of the City Hall.
First part of the exhibition
The exhibition itself is located in what is truly an absurd Kafkaesque space, which originated through a stubborn combination of the Romanesque style from the beginning of the 12th century with modern Functionalism from the year 1928. Paradoxically, a new cultural value arose through man’s insensitive actions in the past.
Paintings full of symbols.
Second part of the exhibition
The paintings of Miroslav Joudal inspired by Franz Kafka embody the absurd situations that cannot occur in our 3D reality. This enables them to present ideas that would otherwise be inexplicable.

These paintings, which are not applicable to anything on a practical level, are not the result of science, but rather art, which has an extraordinary ability to display Kafkaesque phenomena, for which science has no fitting words or precise figures.
Projection of events.
Third part of the exhibition
Experience fifty-four screens gushing out symbolic moving images and sounds, the commotion and din on the motifs of events that truly happened in Prague. Just like with Kafka, you will be hard pressed to find anything that could be called a plot. The author of the projection provides us with a window into his soul, but what you find there will leave you at a loss like a silent documentary on narcosis.
Where can you find us?
Náměstí Franze Kafky 1
Praha 1
110 00 Česká republika
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Adults 250 CZK
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